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Furry Friends - Animal Rescue Queensland

Furry Friends Animal Rescue Queensland!

Furry Friends Animal Rescue Queensland is a not-for-profit, no-kill rescue organisation based in Brisbane. Their mission is to bring second chances to 'Death-row' or surrendered animals who otherwise would be euthanized or left to fend for themselves on the streets.

                               NIKO! <3

Furry Friends strive to promote responsible pet ownership and wildlife conservation through educating people on the risks of having outdoor cats, pets without enclosures or no harnesses. They encourage and promote safe and affordable veterinary care, especially desexing, to lower the rate of unwanted litters, discouraging those from backyard breeding, and creating a positive relationship between pet and vet whilst teaching owners how to continue that relationship.

                               THEA! <3

The dedicated work that the volunteers put forward at Furry Friends is matched by the devotion shown by the companies and donors who continue to sponsor Furry Friends and support the fight. The volunteers, veterinary staff, rescuers, foster carers, adopters, sponsors and donors are what continue to keep this organisation running. You too can become a volunteer to help ease the suffering of unwanted and surrendered animals. Check out some information on how YOU can volunteer here

           DAISY DUKE! <3

Furry Friends desex, vaccinate, microchip, rehabilitate, foster and adopt out cats and kittens of all ages to help minimise the large number if animals euthanized every year due to unwanted litters, neglect, lack of education and irresponsible pet owners. 

With such a small community of volunteers and sponsors, Furry Friends needs all the help it can get from every day people such as yourself to continue to do all of those things and create a safe environment for neglected, sick, injured and abandoned cats and kittens.

           HAMISH! <3

Lets get acquainted with some of the Furry Friends who are currently ready to be adopted!

"Noora is an independent cat who doesn't always like cuddles and physical attention. Her foster carer likes to say she's a strong, independent lady who likes a HINT of cuddles. She will show you love in her own way by greeting you at the door when you get home, or rubbing against you when she's ready for food.

She recently discovered her undying love of boxes and spends much of her time snoozing the day away in her own personal box oasis.

Noora was pregnant when she arrived into our care and had her litter - Avroo, Nikita, Ollie, Artemis and Hugo (all have been adopted). Noora would prefer to be your only furbaby."

                                 NOORA! <3

           NOORA! <3

"Chester, also known as Cheddar, is an affectionate kitty who loves to roll over and show his belly to you. He can be quite shy at first, but will warm up to you quickly. He loves to rub up against you and receive chin scratches from you. He has adorable, little white mittens and beautiful green eyes. He loves his wet food and knows exactly when dinner time is! Chester would suit a quiet, relaxed home where he can be given lots of affection, and a calm spot to call his own.

Chester came from a loving family who were unfortunately no longer able to care for him. So if you can give Chester that stable, family environment that he misses, please enquire about him below."

                                   CHESTER! <3

                             CHESTER! <3

"Marty came to us as a surrender when sadly his owner was no longer able to care for him.

Once he is comfortable his owner describes him as outgoing, cuddly, goofy, lazy (loves to sleep), and incredibly food driven! You know the saying: "the only way to a man's heart is through his stomach"? With Marty food is definitely a direct link to his heart!

Marty also loves a good head/neck/face rub, and who can blame him!

He has had lots of exposure to other cats, dogs and children. He gets along with most animals but it may take a bit for him to adjust, as is the case with most cats meeting for the first time.

Won't you give this ginger cutie his forever home?"

                       MARTY! <3

                             MARTY! <3

Now, when adopting there is always a certain process, there are requirements and rules, but over-all the intent is to secure safe, sustainable and long-term housing and care for the animals that are rescued and adopted by Furry Friends and their foster carers. As a potential adopter you need to ensure you have the ability to afford the responsibility, stability to ensure they will not be put into another situation that could risk their livelihood and an understanding of what needs to be done to introduce a new critter to your growing family. 

Furry Friends prioritises the long-term welfare of all their adopted cats, so they take the time to make sure that the animals will be happy and well-suited to their new forever home. 

Check out this "Post Adoption Guide" to see how their processes are.

           DAISY DUKE AND FRIEND! <3

Maybe you're not looking for a permanent kitty companion right now, but love to pamper and care for them? Then you'll find foster caring to be extremely rewarding! Find some information about the requirements for fostering Furry Friends here.

If you're interested in finding out more about fostering, check out the "Foster Carer Guide"

You can also find the cats and kittens in need of foster carers on their Facebook page, linked here

           HAMISH! <3

We here at Beserk are extremely passionate about making a difference for the lives of animals all over the world. Find out more information on donations, here!

All photographs in this blog are of currently adoptable kitties who are in need of your help! Check out their links by clicking on their names under their pictures or to see a full list of the adoptable cats and kittens, see

          NIKO! <3

We appreciate all of our valued customers, and we thank you for any of your contributions to the beautiful organisations we support! <3

Beserk xx

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