Featured Animal Charity ~ The Snow Leopard Trust

Featured Animal Charity ~ The Snow Leopard Trust Posted on 30 Nov 11:23 , 0 comments

Beserk support & donate regularly to different amazing animal charities that are doing incredible things to help preserve the many animals that are becoming endangered and under threat around the world. This month we have adopted 2 adorable Snow Leopard Cubs through the Snow Leopard Trust.

The Snow Leopard Trust helps protect Snow Leopards in the wild by expanding anti-poaching habitats and promoting community conservation programs and are the largest organisation in the world protecting this magnificent cat. Their programs in China, India, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia are putting an end to poaching and saving this beautiful animal from extinction.

We know that extinction is forever, and we want to help the organisations that are helping these beautiful creatures remain in their natural habitat.

You can read more about their amazing work here >

Snow Leopard Trust

Snow Leopard Cub

Snow Leopard Cub