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Happy End of Financial year everyone! It's that time of the year when we can all really justify shopping and treating ourselves (I know we do!!). I mean who doesn't love shopping for some sweet new outfits or some hair dye so why not see what we've got in store for you this End of Financial Year!

This year's EOFY sale picks are absolutely incredible, and we are so excited to show you guys our top sale picks for 2021! Buckle in and get ready because there is just about anything for anyone and it's on SALE!! 

PICK NUMBER ONE -Need a new outfit??

Look no further! This stunning Punk Rave's Séance dress is ready to be your new go to! This gorgeous lace dress is officially on sale and ready to be yours (If you couldn't tell we are in LOVE! This dress features intricate lace, a classy high neck design and irregular lace cuffs that drape over your hands! Doesn't it sound to die for? This dress with a pair of chunky Demonias or YRU boots would look smashing!! It's now available on sale and in sizes Large - 4X Large!

Séance dress
PICK NUMBER TWO - Not a fan of the cold? 
Winter has come and some aren't happy she's here, why not make the most of winter with this cute Follow Me Beanie from KILLSTARThis black knit beanie is ready to help the transition from autumn to winter seamless as this beanie with keep your head super warm. It can be paired with anything in your alternative closet, sporting an embroidered "Follow Me" in English and stylish Kanji on the front. Everyone loves KILLSTAR and Sales so why not grab this to die for snug beanie for a steal to ready you for winter! Who said our heads needs to be as cold as our hearts this season!
                                                Follow Me Beanie Killstar
PICK NUMBER THREE - Need a new pair of statement platforms??
Of course you do! We all do! Especially if it's YRU's shoes, this is no exception to YRU's Nightfall velvet platforms. There are two colors, black and lavender and both are just as gorgeous! Rocking silver star and moon shaped hardware on velvet its hard to pass on these stunning shoes! But WAIT there's more...
Shine in all your glory with a 2 1/4 inches platform, and a heel of 6 1/2 inches!! Oh my goodness these shoes have stolen our hearts, they're every goth's starry dream! Paired with a cute skater dress or pleated skirt would would do you and these velvet treasures justice! Grab these beauties while there are still most sizes available and when they're on sale! You know you want to...
black nightcall platformsLavender platforms
PICK NUMBER FOUR - Want a new cute, comfy essential?
Who doesn't want more comfy tops? We definitely do and I'm sure you feel the same way! Say hello to the Volume 1 t-shirt by Pastel Pixie, this adorable black cotton shirt feature a manga style nurse girl on the front in white, to keep up your monotone aesthetic. Versatile and available in almost all sizes - oversized Tee with sweatpants? or a tight fitting shirt with a leather skirt and your fav platforms? Yes please!. How about a striped black and white long t-shirt underneath, a pleated skirt? fishnets and some boots would look killer!!
Volume 1 t-shirt
PICK NUMBER FIVE -How do you spice up a current outfit that doesn't feel complete?
This is how! Punk Rave's Imprisonment corset belt is exactly what you've been looking for. This stunning waist belt will be the perfect cherry on top of any goth or steampunk outfit, what ever your heart desires!. This black corset belt features a lace up back detail to show off your figure and some eyelets to elevate your outfit to the extreme. This corset belt is an essential for any alternative wardrobe - pair it with a maxi dress to jeans and a band t-shirt. The Imprisonment corset belt is available in X-Small to X-large and ready to be a staple in your closet!
                                        Imprisonment Corset Belt Punk Rave
PICK NUMBER SIX -Do you love Halloween and stripes?
We hope so because this cute stretchy fitted top will be perfect for you! Hell Bunny's Skelli top is a black and white striped shirt with a scooped neckline and the cutest embroidered jack o lantern skulls on the front. This top is such a cute and simple staple that can work with a pair of capris or even a pencil skirt! Now available online on sale and is in stock in all your beautiful sizes! (X-Small - X-Large)
Skelli top Hell BunnySkelli top Hell Bunny
PICK NUMBER SEVEN -Is your purse looking really worn and sad?
No need to fret! Sourpuss has this gorgeous Sparkle web purse ready to save you and your belongings. This purse will match ALL your gothy outfits with its subtle and classy black on black design with shimmer web detailing to show off how fabulous you look! This stunning spiderweb shaped purse can hold all your small essentials and keep them safe in its luxurious satin interior. Of course this purse will work with any outfit and even lift it to the next level! Get it quick because it's on sale and ready for you!
Sparkle web Sourpuss
PICK NUMBER EIGHT -Wanting to spice up your eyeshadow collection?
If so, this Book of sins eyeshadow palette by Deadly Sins Cosmetics will be your new fave! This 12 shade palette contains shimmery and matte warm neutral shades with pops of vibrant pink, orange and red to take your everyday look to the next level. Highly pigmented, soft, smooth and easy to blend, a total treat for your eyes.
Rock neutral or take and make a statement with a bold black lip added to your regular makeup routine. If you're already not won over it's also 100% vegan and cruelty free and it's also on sale! So get in quick and grab this awesome palette!
                 Book of sins palette shadesBook of sins cover
PICK NUMBER NINE - Thinking of some spooky shoes to match your outfits?
These creepy n cute Ghost face krypt creepers by Strangecvlt are too cute to pass on! With these babies Halloween is all year, boasting a white vegan leather, black accents and a 1.5 inch platform your monochrome outfits will be upgraded to the next level! Of course these sick kicks are on sale this end of financial year and they're available in most sizes too! These shoes with a mini skirt and tights are some nice dress pants and a button up would look killer, so grab these ones while they're still available! 
Ghost face creepers
PICK NUMBER TEN - Needing a new tote bag or two to pair with your lowkey outfits, how about a trip to the next market in your area?
These gorgeous vintage tote bags by Cavallini have two different designs currently available, the Wildflowers and the signs of the Zodiac. They both are made from 100% natural cotton and are 33 x 40cm with a flat bottom design and an interior pocket for small items. Pair with an oversized shirt and jeans for a casual trip to the store, or add a wide brim black hat to truly shine in all your witchy glory! These essentials have you looking ready to take on any kind of day. These totes are so well made, excellent quality and are ready to come with you on all your trips and travels. Of course these guys are on sale too, so grab them quick before they're all gone! 

Wildflowers toteThe zodiac tote
That's it guys! Thank you all so much for your support of love this year, hopefully you all find some goodies you enjoy and get some good deals this EOFY! Remember, EOFY isn't finished and there's always new items being added daily by us, so keep those eyes peeled! Have an awesome end of financial year everyone!
Beserk xx
Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that all orders will be shipped same day. (express orders will be processed with priority). We will endeavor to get all orders out same day, and if there is a delay it will be no longer than 24 hours. x

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