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Discover the Adorable Koumori-Chan Bat Plush Set Bundle at Beserk!

Calling all bat lovers and plushie enthusiasts! We are thrilled to introduce the latest must-have addition to your collection—the Koumori-Chan Bat Plush Set Bundle from Beserk. If you’ve ever dreamt of owning the cutest little bat plushies that are perfect for squishing, displaying, or snuggling up with during a spooky movie night, your wish has just come true! This bundle is the ultimate treat for anyone who loves all things batty and adorable.

Meet the Koumori-Chan Bat Plush Set! - 

The Koumori-Chan Bat Plush Set Bundle is your chance to collect all of Beserk's charming bat plushies in one fantastic package. This comprehensive set includes a selection of our beloved bat plushies, each with its unique colour and personality. Please note that this bundle includes all of our standard bat plushies, excluding any charity or limited variants. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Charcoal Original Bat: The classic and beloved bat that started it all. With its charcoal hue, it’s the perfect combination of cute and spooky.
  • Black Bat: Sleek and stylish, the black bat is a timeless addition to any plush collection.
  • Lavender Bat: Soft and calming, the lavender bat brings a touch of serenity to the spooky theme.
  • Purple Bat: Vibrant and fun, the purple bat is sure to stand out in any plushie display.
  • Red Bat: Bold and eye-catching, the red bat adds a pop of colour and excitement.

Why You’ll Love the Koumori-Chan Bat Plushies! - 

Our bat plushies are designed with love and crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Here are some of the features that make them so special:

  • Bean Base: Each bat plushie has a bean-filled base that makes them perfect for sitting upright. Whether you want to display them on a shelf or have them perched on your bed, these bats will sit nicely wherever you place them.
  • Wire Wings: The plushies come with wings that have a wireframe, allowing you to shape them any way you desire. Pose their wings to give them a unique look or to fit perfectly into your plushie setup.
  • Embroidered Detailing: The embroidered details on each bat add a touch of quality and charm. From their cute little faces to the intricate wing patterns, these details make the plushies truly stand out.
  • Super Soft Fabric: Made from the softest materials, our bat plushies are perfect for cuddling. Their super soft fabric ensures they are as comforting to hold as they are delightful to look at.
  • Eco-Friendly Storage Bag: Each bundle comes with a personalized, eco-friendly storage bag. Not only does this bag provide a safe place to store your bat plushies when not in use, but it also aligns with our commitment to sustainability.

Perfect for Any Occasion! - 

The Koumori-Chan Bat Plush Set Bundle is perfect for a variety of occasions. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift for a friend, a special treat for yourself, or a delightful addition to your spooky decor, these plushies are sure to bring joy and a touch of magic. Here are a few ideas on how to enjoy your bat plushies:

  • Gifts: Surprise a loved one with the entire set or gift individual bats to friends and family. Each bat's unique color and personality make them perfect for personalised presents.
  • Decor: Add a whimsical touch to your home decor. These bats look great perched on bookshelves, nestled among cushions, or displayed on your desk.
  • Cuddle Buddies: With their super soft fabric and cuddly design, these plushies make perfect companions for cozy nights in, especially during Halloween season or while watching your favorite spooky movies.
  • Collectibles: If you’re a collector of plushies or gothic-themed items, the Koumori-Chan Bat Plushies are a must-have. They add charm and variety to any collection.

A Commitment to Quality and Sustainability! - 

At Beserk, we pride ourselves on offering products that not only bring joy but also align with our values. The Koumori-Chan Bat Plushies are made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. We understand the importance of sustainability, which is why each bundle comes with an eco-friendly storage bag, making it easy to store your plushies while minimising environmental impact.

Join the Beserk Community! - 

By purchasing the Koumori-Chan Bat Plush Set Bundle, you’re not just getting adorable plushies—you’re joining a vibrant and welcoming community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for alternative lifestyles and unique collectibles. Connect with us on social media, share your plushie adventures, and be part of the Beserk family.

Shop with Confidence! - 

Shopping at Beserk means you can expect top-notch customer service, fast shipping, and a seamless shopping experience. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers are happy and satisfied with their purchases. If you have any questions or need assistance, our friendly customer support team is always here to help.

Order Your Koumori-Chan Bat Plush Set Bundle Today! -

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own the complete set of Koumori-Chan Bat Plushies. Whether you’re adding to your collection or starting a new one, these bats are sure to bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. Visit today to place your order and welcome these delightful bats into your home.

In conclusion, the Koumori-Chan Bat Plush Set Bundle is a perfect embodiment of what Beserk stands for—creativity, individuality, and a touch of the extraordinary. We are excited to share these wonderful plushies with you and can’t wait to see how you incorporate them into your life. Thank you for being a part of the Beserk community, and happy collecting!

Follow Us and Stay Updated! - 

Stay connected with Beserk to get the latest updates on new product releases, special promotions, and upcoming events. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and X, and join our newsletter for exclusive content and offers.

Contact Us!- 

Have questions or need more information? Feel free to reach out to our customer support team at We’re here to help!

Shop Now: Koumori-Chan Bat Plush Set Bundle

At Beserk, we’re more than just a store—we’re a community of enthusiasts celebrating the unique and the extraordinary. Thank you for choosing Beserk and for embracing your individuality with us.

Happy shopping and stay spooky! xx

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