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Hello Beserkers! Happy Hump day! We have some very exciting news for you all! It's time for the Beserk Mega Sale! There are so many amazing deals and discounts to be had on our site right now, for everyone regardless of your style, age and gender! In this blog, we are going to take a closer look at our Mega Sale, and show you guys our faves and best picks!! 


What is the Beserk Mega Sale? - 

If you are unaware, the Beserk Mega Sale is a huge sale that we hold a few times a year! It's a chance for our amazing customers to grab their favourite products and brands at incredible discounted prices! Our Mega Sale includes products from all types of categories, and the discounts can even go up to 70% off, that's pretty epic! Of course our customers can expect to find some amazing deals during this sale, and it's an opportunity to grab some products that may have been in your wishlist for far too long! 

What products are available in the Beserk Mega Sale? - 

The Beserk Mega Sale offers one in a lifetime discounts on a wide range of products. Ranging from clothingand accessoriesto homewares and Pop culture merchandise and so much more!, there's something for everyone at Beserk!

Let's have a look at our faves from the Beserk Mega Sale collection, shall we? 
Our discounted faves include (but are not limited to) The Bound in corset top from Foxblood, The Craft pattern Knee High socks, Wrath Liquid Lipstick from Blackmoon Cosmetics and the Craft Collage Leggings!  

bound in craft socks


Did you know you can search by Brand and Discount in the Clearance section at Beserk? - 

 If you just click on the sale section and go to Brand, Sale % or even product you can refine/filter the collection to what is in your price range, products from your fave brands or even colours you love, as seen in the image below!  

discount refine


Happy Shopping! Be sure to tell us what your faves are in our Sale collection down in the comments! Be sure to grab some awesome deals during our MEGA SALE at Beserk!! ❤️

Stay Spooky!! - Beserk xx

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