BESERK FUNDS KOALA DRINKING STATION Posted on 27 Jun 13:38 , 0 comments

Koalas could be extinct in NSW as early as 2050. We can't let this happen!

Right now they are losing their homes and their lives to excessive tree-clearing, drought, and heat events due to climate change.

It's up to us to ensure future generations get to see these iconic Aussie animals in the wild.

We need to protect the homes of koalas before they are gone forever.


To find out what you can do to help, visit WWF Save Koalas HERE

You can adopt a koala, or you can donate to help fund one of many Koala Drinking Stations throughout NSW.

Beserk has recently submitted a donation to assist with the funding of a drinking station for the fuzzy fur babies.

Koalas normally hydrate from the moisture in eucalyptus leaves - however, prolonged drought has reduced the amount of nutritional value in the leaves they eat, meaning koalas are resorting to drinking free-flowing water to avoid severe dehydration.

Koala drinking behaviour was monitored in western NSW as part of a study by the University of Sydney. You can view the video HERE.

Water stations can reduce heat stress and other effects of ongoing extreme weather events for not just koalas, but all other animals who share their habitat.

It's about time that we find practical solutions to help our national wildlife, and drinking stations are part of that solution! Access to drinking water should be a fundamental right of all animals. 




Beserk xx