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UPDATE : 31st October 2018 @ 4pm

Beserk Colouring Competition!


Congratulations to our winners from the Beserk Colouring Competition! We have added all winners names below.

Thanks so much to everyone that entered! 
We will hold more competitions soon. :)

Thank you to all our entrants for your outstanding colourful entries!

Check out the winners below. If your name isn't there, don't worry! Each (non-winning) entrant will receive a 15% Discount code at Beserk!



1st PRIZE >> $100 Voucher goes to #57 Crystal McGregor - Dahlia (age 4)

 1st prize



2nd PRIZE >> $50 Voucher goes to #53 Vicky Mycio

2nd prize



3rd PRIZE >> $50 Voucher goes to #29 Michaela Lutton

3rd prize



Randomly Selected Entry Prize >> $100 Voucher goes to #48 Carolyn (daughter)

 random prize



Honourable Mentions PRIZE >> Beserk Bath Bomb, Hells Blankets Stars & Swallows Pillowcase Set, Sticker Pack goes to...

#36 Alex Hannah

honourable mention 1



#2 Ronnie Kaos (daughter)

 homourable mention 2





Dust off your pencils, textas, crayons, chalk and paintbrushes, because Beserk is launching an old school colouring competition! This witchy little kitty looks a bit bland at the moment - and we're counting on you to give her a makeover!


beserk colouring competition

Download and print your copy by saving the above image or going here 

Be imaginative, get your creative juices flowing and get colouring to be in the running to win! Beserk is offering 2 x $50 Vouchers for the most outstanding, unique, and eye-catching creations. You can even colour it in digitally so you won't need to worry about going outside the lines!

The first winner will be selected by the Beserk Team, and for the second winner we will be asking our customers to like their favourite design & will be uploading the entries to our Facebook page on the 25th October. Please note we will get your approval before uploading your design to our page, so if you only want to enter the first part of the comp that is no problems.

To enter, simply post a photo of your entry to our facebook page @beserkclothing, or send us an email with your entry to! 


 colouring pencils