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5 Best Eyeshadow palettes available in Australia

The 5 Best Eyeshadow Palettes Available in Australia in 2022 - 

Hi Beserkers, Happy Hump day! The weather is getting cooler and we aren't feeling it! So why not feel good and look great with some new makeup, specifically eyeshadows!!  There is a whole range of eyeshadows available at Beserkvarying in colour and types! Although eyeshadow singles are perfect for travel, palettesget you more bang for your buck and are very handy having all your eyeshadow shades in one spot! 

The Best Eyeshadow Palettes You Need In Your Collection -

All of the listed eyeshadows are all completely different than other eyeshadows on the market and the versatility within these palettes are incredible so let's jump right in! 

Manga Anime Palette by Rude Cosmetics  - 

This super cute neutral shade palette offers a 35 shadow selection containing 27 shimmer and 8 matte shades perfect for so many subtle or glam looks for every occasion whether it be for glamourous events like a dinner or just for a neutral work look. Especially with Rude's easy to blend shadows and long lasting formula, this palette is perfect for beginners and pros! 

Key features - 
- 35 varied shades (shimmers and mattes)
- Easy to blend formula
- Cost effective ($1 per shade) 
- Full coverage and Long lasting shades
- Cruelty free and Vegan 

Anime palette


 Nightflower Palette by Lethal Cosmetics  - 

This stunning cool toned eyeshadow palette inspired by the mystery and intrigue of the night flower, featuring 6 mattes, 2 classic metallic, 1 duo chrome and 3 multi-chrome shadows is perfect to any makeup lover or pro that loves to experiment or just loves an extra makeup look! Lethal's formula is specifically made for a smooth and easy application with amazing pigment and made for staying all day long! 

Key features - 
- 12 eyeshadow shades  (6 matte, 2 classic metallic, 1 duo chrome and 3 multi-chrome)
- Made with ethically sourced Mica, Vegan, Cruelty-free, Gluten-free and Halal
- Amazing pigment, smooth application and all day lasting


 Something Wicked Palette by Mermaid Salon  - 

This 35 shade palette has all your bright shades in one place! Matte and metallic shades perfect for fun and colourful looks or a neutral cool toned look! This palette contains a mixture of intense blues, greens, pinks, bronzes, neutrals, and colourful matte eyeshadows!

Key features - 
- Vegan and Cruelty free 
- 35 shades ranging in colours and shimmer/matte
- Smooth and easy to bendable formula
- Cost effective ($1 per shade)

something wicked


 United Shades of Glitter Palette by Rude Cosmetics  - 

Revolutionise the way you apply and wear glitter! Say goodbye to the mess and hello to an extravagant and easy application! With twenty one colours to choose from, your looks will never be the same. No glue necessary. Wear it alone or to add sparkling accents! 

Key features - 
- Vegan and Cruelty free 
- 21 shades ranging in colours
- Easy to apply and very pigmented glitter
- Cost effective ($2 per shade)


Orb of Light Palette By Black Moon Cosmetics  - 

The Orb of Light is a staple grunge-neutral palette containing 8 buttery, pigmented shades suitable for all skin tones and makeup lovers of all abilities!  

Key features - 
- 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free
- Intensely Pigmented
- Blends Seamlessly
- Fine Quality Ingredients
- Patent Pending, Sleek and Comfortable Design reveals a "Full [black] Moon" when fully opened
- Hard-shell outer packaging
- Embossed holographic logo featuring secret crescent moons

orb of ligh

Complete Your Eye Makeup Look -

Of course you cant just leave your makeupwith eyeshadow! Be sure to add some eyeliner and mascara to finish off the look! Be sure to also shop for some other makeupadd ons to level up your makeup game like lashesor even glitterif you're into that!  

Be sure to let us know in the comments what your favourite eyeshadow palette is and what your favourite makeup look is! Thanks for reading and remember to stay spooky! 

- Beserk xx


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