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Original Deluxe [SMALL] | CUSTOM FANGS Original Deluxe [CLASSIC] | CUSTOM FANGS Cobweb Pattern Net [Black] | TIGHTS Mystic Maker | BRIM HAT Dark Red | FAKE BLOOD [50ml] Your Highness | CROWN Polly [Black] | PETTICOAT Luna | FACE STICKER Bat | WINGS Pretty Vacant | SKIRT* Bat | HAIR CLIPS Cross [Black Glitter] | NIPPLE PASTIES Blood Sucker | ONESIE Plaid Bow [Black] | THIGH HIGHS Shredders Deluxe [DOUBLE] | CUSTOM FANGS Polly [White] | PETTICOAT Paradise Makeup AQ [Black] | FACE & BODY PAINT Metal Bat | CLOAK Black Cat | HEADBAND Miss Muffet [Black/White] | SKIRT* Fake | BLOOD SPRAY* Humbug [Green/Black] | TIE TOP Corpse Bride | BOUQUET Wide Striped [Black/White] | TIGHTS Red Devil | CONTACT LENSES [RS] St Peter's Cross [Black] | TIGHTS Black Armor | UNDERBUST CORSET Bella Black | WIG Dark Elf [Rose Crown] | HEADBAND Red Devil [1 Day] | CONTACT LENSES [RS] Blackout [1 Day] | CONTACT LENSES [RS] Nylon Stripe [Black/White] | TIGHTS Volturi [1 Year] | CONTACT LENSES [RS] Rainbow Heart | NIPPLE PASTIES Werewolf III | CONTACT LENSES [RS] Phantom | CONTACT LENSES [RS] Blackout | CONTACT LENSES [RS] Paradise Makeup AQ [Red] | FACE & BODY PAINT Hocus Pocus | MID HEELS X-RAY-12 | BLACK/WHITE [IN STOCK]* Irridescent Heart | NIPPLE PASTIES Filigree | CAT EARS Ghouls | CONTACT LENSES [RS] Zombie I | CONTACT LENSES [RS] Fantasy FX [Black] | MAKEUP Trash Goddess [Fleurs Du Mal] | WIG Long Pink Fishnet | GLOVES White Zombie [1 Day] | CONTACT LENSES [RS] Voldermort | CONTACT LENSES [RS]* Reptilian [Mini Sclera] | CONTACT LENSES [RS] Ultra Violet | CONTACT LENSES [RS] White [Mini Sclera] | CONTACT LENSES [RS]* Red PVC Devil | HORNS* Evil Eyes | CONTACT LENSES [RS] Spider Web Print [Black/White] | STOCKINGS* Lilith Mourning | VEIL Tattoo Hearts [Nude] | TIGHTS* Ghost | CONTACT LENSES [RS] Shinigami | HOODED CLOAK Acid I [Mini Sclera] | CONTACT LENSES [RS]

Its Halloween all year round here in Beserk! Show off your spooky side with our amazing Halloween costume range!

What even is Halloween you may ask? well, the origins can be traced back to the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain, which was held on November 1 in contemporary calendars. It was believed that on that day, the souls of the dead returned to their homes, so people dressed in costumes and lit bonfires to ward off negative spirits. Yep, Halloween has a lot more history than you might have thought, but definitely does not make it any less important. 

Who or whatever you want to dress up for for this special day, Beserk has you sorted! Maybe you have everything b u t the hair. If that's the case, shop out wig range! Full of exciting colors and lengths. Or maybe you're missing that accessory, that you know would finish the look if you had it. Whatever it is, don't miss out on it on our exiting Halloween range.