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Hair Colour Collections

We have hair dyes and products for you from a range of brands including Lunar Tides, Fanola, Manic Panic, Arctic Fox. Unicorn hair, Directions, Crazy Color, Stargazer, Sparks, Hermans, Special Effects, Pravana and more!

Here's a small introduction to some of our brands, with their products, colour ranges, philosophies and more! 

Lunar Tides will treat you to such hair colours as Cranbaby, True Lust, Mint Frost, Lychee, Citrine Yellow, Smokey Teal, Fuchsia Pink, Smokey Navy, Plum Purple, Orchid,Cyan Sky, Solar Flare, Siam Orange, Blue Velvet, Aurora Green, Amethyst, Smokey Green, Fire Opal, Cerulean Sea, Eclipse Black, Beetle Green, Sea Witch, Moonstone, Coral and Petal Pink, Periwinkle, Nightshade, Smokey Mauve, Iris Purple, Slate Grey, Lunar White, Blood Moon, and more.

Some of Beserk's Fanola products include protective antioxidant cosmetic treatments with Vitamin E, making your hair so shiny and lustrous, After-colour Shampoo for colour treated hair (enriched with Linseed) that will de-tangle your hair and restore its natural properties, and Stain Removers - ideal for removing colour stains left on the sink or vanity or your own skin after you colour!

Some of Beserks Special Effects collection include the hair colours: Blue Mayhem, Atomic Pink, Candy Apple Red, Electric Blue, Nuclear Red, Napalm Orange, Fish Bowl, Purple Smoke, Cherry Bomb, Deep Purple, Joy Ride, Lime Light, Blue Velvet, Burgundy Wine, Blue Haired Freak, Virgin Rose, Hot Lava, Hi Octane Orange, Blood Red, Wild Flower, Iguana Green, Devilish, Cupcake Pink, Bright As F@#k Yellow, Pimpin' Purple, Sonic Green, Pitch Black, and of course a Mixer Toner (perfect for mixing with Special Effects Hair Dye to make your own colours - brighter and more customisable shades. This can also be used to remove yellow tones from previously bleached hair).

Manic Panic guarantees all their ingredients and all supplier's ingredients are both vegan & cruelty free, as accredited by PETA®. "Tested On Celebrities, Not Animals®" is Manic Panic's motto! With names such as Siren's Song, Vampire's Kiss, Ultraviolet, Venus Envy, Virgin Snow, Wildfire, After Midnight, Atomic Turquoise, Blue Steel, and Amethyst Ashes High Voltage, you get the idea of their fun and funky attitude toward their products. Often imitated, but never duplicated because Manic Panic isn’t just a brand, it’s a lifestyle!

Crazy Color has amazing products and all were made and created to match their ethos; express yourself unapologetically! Renato Brunas, the creator of Crazy Color was fundamental to many hairdresser's careers - a true hair legend. In every iconic pink bottle is a colour that is ready to turn heads. Don‘t be the trend, make your own. Mix it your way to create a shade to match your style.

Check out our full range of brands, colours and finishes here with Beserks Collection of Hair Colours for you!