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ANTIBrand does not care what the world thinks, and pays no mind to trends, fads, manias or novelties. Their clothing is daring, bold, rebellious, adventurous and wild. ANTIBrand is counter culture clothing for a pre apocalyptic generation. The clothing brand has revamped its appeal, making clothing and accessories pumped and packed full of attitude and Gothic, alternative style.

There is no doubt that ANTIBrand is one of the hottest new alternative brands on the street. Tops, jackets, cardigans, dresses, skirts, vests, pyjamas, jumpers, trousers, bralettes, bombers, leggings, crop tops, mini dresses, maxi dresses, home wares, kitchenware, office wares, and Gothic apparel, including accessories.

Here at Beserk, we offer a versatile range of ANTIBrand apparel. The Hooded Distressed Skulls Fabric Cardigan has an awesome apocalyptic Gothic vibe, and features a distressed semi-sheer skull pattern fabric with a statement long tapered hem at the front, is perfect for layering, or wear it on it's own for slightly warmer weather - wear over black skinny jeans for a great casual-goth look.

Beserk offers the Black Sparkly Mermaid Skirt featuring a mermaid inspired fishtail panel on the back and fin effect details, all on a subtle silvery shimmer finish! We have the Sleep Tight Pyjama Set, featuring the text "Sleep Tight" in a classic blood red horror script font. The "Well this is Awkward" travel mug is the perfect piece of kitchenware for all goths who rely on their morning ritual to get them through the day - coffee! ANTIBrand have taken the traditional use of the term "anti-brand" and applied it to its products. "Anti-branding" is a cultural as well as a business term, describing the global movement against brands, formed by large numbers of consumers in order to spread the word of disapproval of and dissatisfaction with corporate actions. The idea is to bring a closer relationship between companies and customers, and this is what the ANTIBrand clothing label is all about.