New Year, New Room, New You! Posted on 11 Feb 09:39 , 3 comments

Happy New Year Beserkers! ❤️ We all hope you ghouls, guys and in between all had a fabulous and safe New Year celebrations as well as your holidays! <3 In times like these the New Year can be quite overwhelming and a bit much for some so why not change things up and have a new look for the New Year?! So come on the journey as we give you our Top 3 suggestions for a New look, space or even you!! :) 

Tip one - New Linen? YES PLEASE!! 

Nothing is better than slipping into bed with a new bed linen set or quilt cover! Just being cozy and wrapping yourself up (or loved ones!) in blankets is always a great way to unwind but also just settle into the new and exciting year! Well have we got the bed essentials you need... Any Quilt set from Hells Blankets is a winner, especially anything with bats and black! Grab a set that anyone would love to snuggle in with a cuppa! Our top faves are the Sakura Akumu, Luna Magick and the Showtime Creeps sets, available in King and Queen sizes, ready to come home with you! ❤️


 sakura akumu

Tip two - Redecoration Time? Hell Yeah!! 

It's a new year so why not mix up your crypt or maybe even add some new pieces to your palace!? No one can really say no to gothic homewares, I know we can't!! ❤️ Maybe grab some Sourpuss coffin shelves to store your Knick knacks and decor? Maybe a few cute ambient lamps from Smoko! Or a new addition to your bar?? Who doesn't want a coffin wine shelf?! It's like combining the two best things ever to exist!  Take your place to the next level and have a marvelous and magical year in a home rather than just a house! :) 


Tip three -  Treat yo self!! Take care and relax ~ ❤️

Honestly 2020 and 2021 we're quite massive years to take on and honestly I don't think any of us have recovered!! So we say just treat yourself! ❤️ Get that dress you've been wanting, it'll look awesome on you and there's no time like the present! Grab something that makes you happy! Whether it's practical or just a Jellycat plush or Pop vinyl that you've just wanted forever! Sit back and take it easy! Maybe have a relaxing bath with candles from Wick'ety Wack or Hellfire and a bath bomb or two!  

Maybe revamp your look? Have you seen the new Extra Large hair dye size by Manic Panic? and that one of our fave brands, Artic Fox, is back?! Having a new hair colour or even refreshing that faded dye job can lift you up and get you ready for this year! Who doesn't want bright coloured hair all the time? So take this as a sign to refresh that hair and feel good about the god or goddess that you are! But most importantly, remember to take care of yourself and others as it has been such an odd and rough time for all! 💗

 electric lizardaquamarine

There you go! We hope this list has helped gain a sense of what to do this year and to look after not only yourself but friends and family too! What's your new year resolution? Let us know down in the comments!! Be safe and have a very fortunate new year!! 

-  💗 Beserk xx