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A boot is a type of footwear. Most boots mainly cover the foot and the ankle, while some also cover some part of the lower calf. Some boots extend up the leg, sometimes as far as the knee or even the hip. Who said boots had to be boring though? Here at beserk, there is no such thing as simple. We have all you could ever want in life in regards to your wardrobe.

Originally, the emo subculture began in the 1980s. But it was most prevalent in the early 2000s. The emo subculture is emotional hardcore, or emocore, a style of punk rock. People stereotype emos with being angry at society, other people or themselves. Emo music is known for being loud, very expressional, and most of all emotional. You could say emo music is poetry like gothic music is, but with emo music, it is usually more straightforward with how the musician feels. 

For some reason, if you are seen wearing black eyeliner and clothing you are automatically emo! This is far from the truth! Just like the goth subculture, It is a music genre with a stereotypical fashion type. So you can wear the emo-iest clothing and still not be emo, you have to fit in with the characteristics of emo and listen to the music! Stereotypically, emos are known for wearing tight clothing (usually black, but many scene kids are emos but rainbow), with many layers with it such as ripped tights, fishnet stockings etc. And of course, the signature hair, the jagged, eye covering, banged hair. Makeup and piercings are usually prevalent within the culture too.