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Hello Beserkers! We hope you are all well because we have something AMAZING to brighten up your Wednesday!❤️
We are welcoming some MORE NEW Squishables to Beserk!! That's right, we saw how much y'all loved Squishables at Beserk, so we decided to get even more fuzzy friends for our Beserkers, and trust us, you will love every single one of them!! Now if you don't know what Squishables are and has to offer, don't fret! We have an entire blog on what they are and why they're super awesome! Just click HEREto understand (and become obsessed) with the cutest plushies ever at Beserk! ❤️

Meet the new Squishable Squads! - 

We always LOVE getting in new products for our Beserkers to browse and get excited over but OMG y'all aren't ready for these babies! No matter if you aren't a plush toy person, these guys are way too cute to say no to! Our new Squishable friends range from Axolotls, Bees, Comfort food like Onigiri and Ramen and to Plague Doctors and Nurses! Have a browse of the cutest friends you could ever have! ❤️

Sea Creature Squishables! - 🐙

As our favourite Disneycrustacean once said "Life is better, down where it's wetter!" With these adorable sea creature cuties, I think we have to agree with Sebastian! Just look at our cute Baby Axolotl, Coral and Mint Octopi and Mini Sea Bunny Plush toys, perfect for any lover of Sealife or just your average Plush/Squishable lover!! 

Baby Axolotl | PLUSH+Mint Octopus | PLUSH+Coral Octopus | PLUSH+Sea Bunny [Mini] | PLUSH

Comfort Food Squishables! - 🍜

Who doesn't love some yummy comfort food? I know we do! These Comfort Food plushies by Squishable are so cute you could eat them (but please don't lol)! Grab a mini Ramen bowl and an Onigiri (Rice ball) for take out (to your home and bedroom) today! 

 +Comfort Food: Onigiri | PLUSH+Comfort Food: Ramen [Mini] | PLUSH

Mythical Creature Squishables! - 🐉

Cryptids, Monsters, Mythical Creatures? We love them all! Especially Squishable's Baby Unicorn Micro Keychain, Mini Skoll* and Sakura Dragon plushies! Just look at these cuties in all shapes, sizes and colours! Perfect for any and everyone! 💗

*For those who don't know what a Skoll is, it is a creature from Norse mythology, typically described as a wolf that chases the Sun and Moon (personified as a goddess,Sól and God, Máni). Such an interpretation suggests the wolves may be intended to describe the phenomenon of parhelia and paraselenae or Sun dogs and Moon dogs, as these are called 'sun-wolf' in Scandinavian languages!

Baby Unicorn [Micro] | KEYCHAIN PLUSH +Skoll [Mini] | PLUSH+Sakura Dragon | PLUSH

Happy Animal Squishables! - 🐝

Of course we couldn't forget the animals we have in the physical realm like bumble bees and bunnies! So of course Squishable made them in plushie form too! We are in love with their Mini fluffy tiedye Bunny and the big chonky bumble bee perfect for a big cuddle! Just look at how cute these guys are! 😍

+Tie Dye Fluffy Bunny [Mini] | PLUSH+Fuzzy Bumblebee | PLUSH

The ICONIC Plague Doctor and Nurse! - 🖤🤍

Medieval plague doctors thought the smelly herbs and flowers they stuffed in their masks would keep them healthy, They didn't... But their impenetrable (and spooky!) leather outfits actually did! That coat was like the hazmat suit of their day! Of course we had to get in Squishable's ICONIC Plague Doctor and Nurse plushies because of how adorable they are! As you can see, this kawaii Plague couple have matching outfits and even glow in the dark lanterns! However, of course the lanterns had to be swapped so they could hold hands (Rest assured, they would only do so after washing those hands extensively!) 💟


Plague Doctor | PLUSHPlague Nurse | PLUSH 

Plague Nurse | PLUSHPlague Doctor | PLUSH

Be sure to check out the amazing and adorable plushie range from Squishable available online now! Be sure to tell us who is your new favourite Squishable (even though we can't decide!) Happy shopping and browsing the Squishable collection, it's so hard to resist these cuties and their individuality! 💟

Stay Spooky!! xx - Beserk x


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love this stuff it’s very nise and i love this stu

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