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Beserk offers a wide range of Johanna Parker home decors that are perfect all year round! Need something to spice up your home? Or Maybe you need more collectables in your home that need a certain style. If that's the case, why not check out Johanna Parkers beautiful collection! Filled with beautiful ornaments, mugs, collectables and more!

Johanna Parker Design consists of 2 main artists who love handmaking Halloween inspired goods! The two are cottage-based husband and wife, One being Johanna, who started off creating spooky figures out of paper Mache, and the other (being her husband) JP, who happened to be a craftsman by trade. Together, the two designed and created beautiful folk art inspired by all seasons of the year such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Halloween (of course) and many more! Their days consist of graphic designing, pattern making, photography, Illustrations, and of course, packing and shipping. They both also love gardening, so they always try to get some gardening time in!

Johanna's dream became a reality in 2003 when she designed, created, and launched her very first item. a grinning black cat with an illustrated conical hat. It became her signature style to make vintage style Halloween, Later becoming vintage style goods of many other seasons like Christmas, but she had always preferred Halloween as it was her birthday! Her work appears in close to 40 national magazines, and it would be an understatement to say she owns a successful business. She is grateful to her amazingly creative mother for encouraging her artistry, as well as her husband for supporting and often fabricating her eccentric visions. And, of course, she is humbled by her fans and collectors that support her artistic endeavours and allow her to continue creating from her heart...

Jack the black cat, aka Johanna Parkers furry mascot cat! Him being the inspiration behind her first Halloween cult, and still continuing to inspire her designs. He's been there with Johanne from the start!

During the formative years of their venture, Johanna and JP were doing as many as 8 art shows a year. But as licensing opportunities picked up as well as demand from collectors, Johanna desired more time in her studio to create. Today, they have simplified their schedule to occasionally exhibit in local Colorado events. They are open to other spontaneous shows should they feel the spark to exhibit. Keep an eye on their events page and save the date/s to join Johanna & JP at an upcoming art show. In the meantime, they'll be at home, creating... (likely with art direction by Jack!)