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Hello Beserkers! Happy Thursday and Public Holiday if you're from Australia! We have some awesome new Loungeflydropping today! Some perfect for Halloweenand others just because! Let's have a look at the awesome Loungefly accessorieswe have online today! 🌈❤️

DisneyHalloween Minnie Mouse! - 🎃

Disney: Minnie Pumpkin Glow Face | CROSSBODY BAG+Disney: Minnie Pumpkin Glow Face | FLAP PURSE+Disney: Minnie Pumpkin Glow Face | MINI BACKPACK

What a treat! Have a scary good fright with the Loungefly DisneyGlow Face Minnie Pumpkin Crossbody bag, Flap Purse and Mini Backpack! Pack all your treats inside and wait for a delightful trick with just a flick—of the lights. When the lights go out, Minnie’s mouth, eyes, and nose, on this pumpkin-shaped figural backpack, Glow! 🧡

Green trim for Minnie’s bow—and the shoulder straps—add a fresh complementary colour to the Jack-o’-lantern Orange face and ears, brought to life with applique and embroidered details. On the back, Minnie’s pumpkin face makes an encore appearance in the pumpkin patch. It’s the perfect accessory for Halloweenfun—or for adding wonderfully wicked mischief when visiting all your regular haunts! 🎃

Coraline's Other House! - 🖤

+Coraline: House Glow | MINI BACKPACK +Coraline: House Glow | ZIP PURSE

Cute as a button! Find a potential forever home brought to life on this Loungefly Laika Coraline House Mini Backpack and Zip Purse! The Pink Palace Apartments have been transformed in colourful detail. Appliques make the architectural features pop, and in the dark, the windows glow! A full-button moon, which also glows in the dark, forecasts an ominous future. Applique details of Coraline, the black cat, and the sign for the Pink Palace Apartments add flourish to the slip pocket for storing extra trinkets. 🌘

The twilight shading of violet and pink flowers carries over to the side pockets, and on the back, you’ll discover why this house is so special. A swirling portal, in printed detail, welcomes you to explore! ~ It’s the perfect accessory for wandering through secret passages—or for turning everyday activities into magical adventures! 💚

Lisa Frank's Coloured Creations! - 🌈

+Lisa Frank: Markie Reflection | CROSSBODY BAG +Lisa Frank: Unicorn Reflection | FLAP PURSE+Lisa Frank: Angel Kitty | CROSSBODY BAG

Step into the colourful, whimsical world of Lisa Frank with Loungefly’s newest accessory collection! 🌈 These dreamy bags and purses feature iconic Lisa Frank characters and stunning rainbowhues and colours on patent vegan-friendly leather! 💟

Lisa Frank’s love of art as a child blossomed into the founding of Lisa Frank Inc. when she was just 24 years old. Now, her corporation's artwork features rainbowand neon colours and stylised depictions of animalsacross a huge range of school supplies, accessoriesand so much more! 💝

Be sure to check out what else we released today too like more NEW Halloweenhomewares, outfits/clothing and so much more!! Have fun browsing the newpage! 🖤

Stay Spooky!! 🖤 - Beserk xx 

Nina Stubbs

ON 28 Oct 11:47

Loungefly Disney Glow Face Minnie Pumpkin CROSSBODY BAG 🎃🖤

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