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Monster Fest is back for 2020! Here to celebrate the absolutely spectacular, the weird and the wonderful... They bring us a love for darkened cinemas, looking over your shoulder in the dark, small gasps and loud screams with their love for the cult cinema palette of horror, fantasy, science-fiction, action, crime, noir, dark drama, gothic western, black comedy, animation, erotica and so much more. Monster Fest brings people together, our cinema buffs united by their passion for the gory, the sick and twisted, sweats and nervous giggles. 

monster fest logo

Founded in 2011 as an initiative of Monster Pictures, Monster Fest is a mix of Premieres, international festival favourites, challenging new discoveries and curated repertory sidebars alongside industry-focused events such as panels and masterclasses with renowned international guests, and a special emphasis on supporting emerging Australian genre film talent through the festival and beyond.

monster fest film festival welcome to the apocalypse

This year Monster Fest, partnered with Monster Pictures, Event Cinemas & Shudder are bringing us events all over Australia with events planned for Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth showing us some awesome films such as Occupation: Rainfall, Possessor & The Dark And The Wicked.


Events start on the Thursday 29th October 2020 with Possessor for their opening night film! 

You can check out the Monster Fest website HERE and the PROGRAM GUIDE. It's happening in all the major cities across Australia from October 29th November 8th. 

Check out the Monster Fest Facebook page for more information and daily updates!

Tickets start at around $21 per film, and you can get a 5-film pass for $80! Find all the ticket information HERE.

hunted film festival monster fest

You can even pre order the 2020 MONSTER FEST FESTIVAL T-SHIRT HERE

"Featuring art by the legendary Kung Fu Bob O’Brien, this tee looks so good you won’t have to defend yourself against marauding cyborgs, radioactive man-rats or homicidal dingo girls, they’ll just stop whatever they’re doing and bow down to you as the God of the wasteland you so obviously are."

pre order t-shirt monster fest buy online shop australia monster fest 2020 welcome to the apocalypse
"Makes me wish I only had two arms"
- Radiated Mutant Freak

monster fest banner

Beserk is proud to Sponsor the 2020 Monster Fest Film Festival again this year, bringing together those who themselves are weird and wonderful with the weird and wonderful world that is Monster Fest. 

Keep an eye on the Beserk Facebook Page for more information! 

Beserk xx

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