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What is a vampire you may ask? let alone vampire teeth? well, the main characteristic of vampires is that they drink human blood. They typically drain their victim's blood using their sharp fangs (vampire teeth), and In general, vampires hunt at night because  sunlight weakens their powers.

Wanna make your costume stand out? then we recommend grabbing yourself a pair of fake vampire teeth! We have a few different shapes and sizes to fit your needs: Spooky, embellished, creepy, and more; Here at Beserk, there's a different smile for everyone!

Even if you're not dressing up for anything special, there is still likely to be a set of teeth to suit your needs. Bling up your look with some vampire teeth accessories today! 

How do you apply your fake vampire teeth do you ask?

Press each fang onto one of your canine teeth to mold them.
Then press the other fang onto your right canine tooth. Push firmly so that the fang molds around your tooth. Work quickly while the plastic is still bendy. To find your canine teeth, count 3 teeth over from the center, and most of all have fun!