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Spin Doctor was created to cater for an emerging market in Steampunk style offering a Victorian aesthetic with an anachronistic twist. Spin Doctor Clothing is a partner of Hell Bunny, and created with a Victorian vision and a steampunk aesthetic, all with an anachronistic twist!

The umbrella company Popsoda was established in London UK, where it remains to this day. Popsoda have a long history of original and unique design inspired by and supplying to the international alternative scene. With 3 unique brands, each with their own personality and style, Hell Bunny, Spin Doctor, and Chet Rock.

The Spin Doctor brand was formed as a sister brand to the infamous Hell Bunny label. Spin Doctor was created to cater for the steampunk market and has since grown to cover an even wider variety of styles from Gothic to Victorian. The Spin Doctor aesthetic is Victorian and Edwardian inspired steampunk, with a twist of anachronism (from the Greek words meaning "against time"; a thing belonging or appropriate to a period of time other than that in which it exists, especially clothing that is conspicuously old-fashioned).

The chronological inconsistency of the garments from Spin Doctor creates a juxtaposition of clothing from different periods of time. "An object misplaced in time"; and entirely intentional! Every single one of the Spin Doctor prints are unique and exclusive and are designed in-house by their qualified team of experienced designers.

Beserk's range of Spin Doctor pieces include the Evadine Maxi Skirt, a beautiful garment with a stunning print of dragons, mermaids, phoenixes and pegasi, perfect for showing your love of all things mythical and magical! You can be free to frolic to your heart's content. Their clothing is super comfortable and easy to dress up or down, depending on your mood, or whatever the day holds in store for you!