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Show off your love for rock and roll and go all out with Beserks range of Rock necklaces! They are cool n classy, and if you were born in the 50s you would've been seen as an absolute baddass!
Rock 'n' roll was first introduced in the 1950s, and it was a new kind of music nobody had ever heard of before., which is exactly how it became so popular. Quickly, it became mainstream. It was loud, fast, and a liberating sound that mainly appealed to teenagers. Rock and roll was an absolute offshoot from the previous mainstream music genres that mainly involved blues and urban rhythm.
Teens who embraced rock n roll began dressing in what was seen as 'rebellious' clothing at the time. Teenage boys wore tight-fitting blue jeans and white shirts. Which is an outfit that represented the essence of rock n roll rebellion. their hair was grown long, greased with Vaseline, and combed on both sides to extend beyond the back of the head: a style known as the ducktail. On the other hand, the woman expressed themselves by wearing felt poodle skirts, which often featured such images as record players and musical notes attached to their fronts, or they wore short, tight skirts, stockings, tight blouses and sweaters, and an over-abundance of eye shadow and lipstick. Basically, just like any other style genre, you could recognise it almost immediately. 
If you can't get enough of your rock necklaces, why not check out our full range of necklaces today! You'll be drooling at how stunning every piece is. Maybe you need some more clothing to go with that new necklaces, if so, we have different ranges full of exciting things which include different dresses, skirts, pants, etc.