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Wicked Wonderland bring Beserk a creepy and cute small range of nail decals for you to get kooky with! With Wicked Wonderland becoming a leading alternative store in the UK, they are currently majoring in a competitive line of nail art and temporary tattoos. 

Beserk brings a taste of their range to you! With our biggest love being Halloween we have a small range of Halloween themed nail decals for you to choose from with references to witches including cauldrons and brooms as well as spooky black cats and scary spiders hanging from their well made spider webs. Don't think that's all either, we have nail decals for our Edgar Allen Poe lovers with an amazing Nevermore set featuring the Raven, the Death's Head Moth, Skulls and Elder Futhark symbols. With plenty of options to choose from you can have yourself some adorable pumpkins, bats, cats, tombstones, witches hats, crescent moons, creepy trees, candles, ghosts, blood, grave yards and more! 

Find a style that's perfect for you at Beserk. We love to bring you the alternative styles and with Wicked Wonderland we bring you the spooky, kooky and cute! Don't miss out on your chance to get your hands on some Haunted Houses, Witchcraft and Deadly nail decals!