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Every girl loves to wear a good skirt, whether you like high waisted, hip huggers, long and flowy or short and sexy, we have something for you in our Skirts collection! Sometimes, there is no better way to break fashion barriers and categories than by pairing what would otherwise be modest, demure tops with an outrageous, avant garde alternative skirts. By showcasing a wild punk skirt with sophisticated accessories and a simple blouse, you are drawing attention to juxtapositions that are unique as well as pleasing to the eye.

A plain, white tank top can take on a multitude of different personalities when paired with strategically and artistically tattered lace or a sassy petticoat. Coordinate a blazer or streamlined jacket with a long mesh maxi skirt or spider web skater skirt and you have a work outfit that pushes the boundaries while staying classy. A tartan mini skirt goes from trashy and being just a "school girl costume" to coordinated, pastiche chic when played off against a textured or strappy top and a fitted vest.

Take a swing skirt out of the 1950s and modernise it with bold accessories or fantastical hosiery, or add radical gloves or arm warmers to complete the experimental look. Finish off with the perfect shoes and you will cause whiplash from all the head turning you inspire. There is nowhere else you want to look for Gothic skirts in Australia. With Beserk by your side, you'll find all the alternative, creepy and kooky styles you want. With chains, pentagrams, skulls, roses, vampires, ghouls, spiders, webs, suns, moons, stars and so so much more, you'll have too many options to choose from!

Take a good hard look before you make any decisions. With hundreds of styles, designs, variants, colours and materials you will go absolutely wild trying to pick one! Let Beserk take you on the ride of your life with our alternative collections! Say goodbye to conforming to the 'norm', and say hello to getting freaky with the geeks!