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Summon The Night [Silver] | CHOKER Summon The Night [Black] | CHOKER Say Your Prayers [Silver] | ROSARY NECKLACE Say Your Prayers [Black] | ROSARY NECKLACE I Love You | CHOKER Murmur | RING Solomon's Goetia | RING Inferno | NECKLACE Pandemonium | CHAIN NECKLACE Daemonic | O-RING NECKLACE Evil Intentions [Black] | NECKLACE Evil Intentions [Silver] | NECKLACE Sacred Demise [Black] | NECKTIE NECKLACE Sacred Demise [Silver] | NECKTIE NECKLACE Crossed Desire [Black] | EARRINGS Crossed Desire [Silver] | EARRINGS Samara | EARRINGS Evil Intentions [Black] | EARRINGS Evil Intentions [Silver] | EARRINGS Worship The Night [Black] | HOOP EARRINGS Worship The Night [Silver] | HOOP EARRINGS A Night With Goethe | RING A Night With Goethe | EAR WRAP Serpentine | EAR WRAP Lunaeca | PENDANT Deadheart | VELVET CHOKER Barbed Wire | PLUG HOOP EARRINGS Still Waiting | PLUG HOOP EARRINGS^ The Moon | TAROT NECKLACE Buckle [Black] | CHOKER EXTENDER Press Stud [Black] | CHOKER EXTENDER Vampire Bat | PLUG HOOP EARRINGS Lotus Flower Mandala | PLUG HOOP EARRINGS Spirit Realm | EARRINGS Spider Web [Glitter White Opal] | LABRET Edgar's Raven | TRINKET HOLDER Triple Moon [Aurora Borealis] | NAVEL BAR Cursed | CHOKER Cute But Psycho [Pastel Pink] | CHOKER Cute But Psycho [Lilac] | CHOKER Cute But Psycho [Black] | CHOKER I-C Magic [Black] | CHOKER* Lunar Daze [Pastel Pink] | CHOKER Lunar Daze [Lilac] | CHOKER Dark Messenger | CHOKER In Hell | CHOKER Don't Touch Me | CHOKER Last Drop | BLOOD CHOKER Reiju Blood | EARRINGS* Vinsmoke | EARRINGS Full Spectrum | EARRINGS Mystical Sphynx | PLUG HOOP EARRINGS Luna Moth [Black] | PLUG HOOP EARRINGS To The Point | EARRINGS Hentai! Tentacle | PLUG HOOP EARRINGS Solar Flare Vitrail | PLUG HOOP EARRINGS Unholy Matrimony | PLUG HOOP EARRINGS Crystulum | PENDANT Dark Minds | NECKLACE* Krysta | CHOKER*

Beserks jewellery range has hundreds of products including necklaces, chokers, earrings, bracelets and rings!

Necklaces and Chokers - Beserk stocks a huge range of necklaces and chokers for you to free your spirit, or lock it down! With you as our main focus, we strive to provide you with as many different options as we can. From the alternative to kawaii, nothing is safe from us. We want you to express yourself. With all our different designs and styles we know, you'll absolutely love our choices. We stock a huge range incorporating all sorts of different themes. Including but not limited to designs with rings, chains, spikes, studs, bows, crescent moons, lockets, locks, keys, skulls, hearts, bells, Ouijas, roses, crosses, pentagrams, dragons, cats, amulets and even the all-seeing eye.

Earrings - We provide some unique designs for earrings with themes such as crosses, inverted crosses, bulls, locks and keys, stars, bats, Baphomet, feathers, deer heads, pentagrams, demon eyes, evil eyes, ferns, moons and suns, roses, hearts, spiders and webs, skulls, unicorns, coffins, teapots, dragons, cats, skeletons, elves and more! With that comes Popular Culture references including music, movies and more including bands like Slayer and Motorhead and movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Harry Potter, Beauty and The Beast and Alice In Wonderland! 

Bracelets - Beserk stocks a small range of bracelets for men and women! With you, our amazing family, on our mind we have scoured the globe for adorable and alternative bracelets and watches for you to wear, or even gift! We have beautiful and adorable his and hers bracelet sets. maybe Valentine's day is around the corner, or maybe its your anniversary? Going out on your first date? Go a little bit crazy with our his and hers bracelets inspired by Beauty and The Beast by Neon Tuesday! We think they're absolutely adorable, and we hope you do too! We have beautiful bracelets for your girlfriend, mum and daughter! With our Alice in Wonderland 3 bracelet sets, give them a beautiful and thoughtful gift. With these theme-matching bracelets, they'll be a cute trio! For the 3 important women in your life, who would want any less! Celebrate your love for each other with our adorable gift bracelets.

Rings - Beserk stocks a huge range of rings, from small accents to huge statement pieces. Jewellery and accessories are must haves for our alternative and Gothic friends. The more there is to look at, the more alternative you look. From brands like Killstar, Alchemy Gothic, Rogue and Wolf, Neon Tuesday and more! Don't miss out on some of our unique designs with Rogue and Wolf's amazing black polyamide rings with stunning and sleek designs including their Vlad's Pet, featuring what looks like bat skeletal wings! And their adorable Cat Ears ring, which is self-explanatory! With Alchemy Gothic comes some amazing designs with their Emerald Venom ring, shaped and designed to look like a spider is standing on your finger with an emerald stone accent. Absolutely stunning rings come from these brands, with their imaginative design teams coming up with simple and intricate designs of all types!