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Hey Beserkers!

Happy Monday! After a fun filled weekend, I skipped (yes really) into Beserk HQ this morning to some fantastic news, we are sponsoring Monster Fest 2017! Beserk has sponsored Monster Fest in previous years but this year I, Kitty Beserk, get to indulge in my love of all things film, spooky and monster-iffic with the Beserk team. Just in case anybody was wondering, Cthulhu is my favourite by far!

What is Monster Fest?

From the Monster fest Website:             
‘Founded in 2011, Monster Fest is a mix of Premieres, international festival favourites, challenging new discoveries and curated repertory sidebars alongside industry-focused events such as panels and master classes with renowned international guests, and a special emphasis on supporting emerging Australian genre film talent through the festival and beyond. Under the banner of ‘Monster Fest Presents’, we host screenings and events throughout the year, including theatrical engagements of Monster Pictures titles and in partnership with other distributors in the Australian genre community.

Monster Fest is about blackened cinemas with awe-struck patrons sitting on the edge of their seats. It’s about white knuckles, cold sweats, nervous gasps, gut-wrenching laughs and screams in the dark, but most of all Monster Fest is about people – people who love cinema with bite, a community of like-minded souls from every corner of life, united by a passion for the most twisted imaginings on the planet.

It is dangerous, delirious and delightful. It is about moving with wild abandon into the darkened recesses of cinematic imagination and doing it with others. It’s about leaving your living room, entering the cinema and daring to live it large with films that are larger than life itself.’

In Short, Monster Fest is about indulging in your love of all things horror, gothic, steampunk, sci-fi, fantasy and more!

Monster Fest holds their annual big film festival in Melbourne but don’t despair, you can find snippets of Monster Fest all over Australia leading up to the Grand Finale in November – The Monster Fest Film Festival!

Where can I join in the fun?

You can find Monster fest at varies different events throughout the year including (but not limited to):

Monster Fest sideshow banner


The Monster Fest Travelling Side show!
The unique partnership with Event Cinemas presents a taste of Monster Fest around Australia leading up to the Monster Fest Film Festival! The Travelling Sideshow starts in Sydney with dates to be released for Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Event Cinema’s George St, Sydney NSW 9th March – 12th March.
Event Cinema's Myer Center, Brisbane CBD, Brisbane QLD 6th May - 18th May. 

Horror for the Homeless!

Teaming up with Youth Future’s WA and Telethon Community Cinema, Monster Fest is holding a dusk-till-dawn film extravaganza (including breakfast!) to raise funds for the Perth-based Homeless Agency Youth Futures WA.

Where: Telethon Community Cinemas Burswood Parklands, Perth WA. 11th March – 12th March.

Monster Fest Film Festival!  

Australia’s premier genre film festival promises to be bigger than ever! With a huge amount of Australian and international premier film, this 10 day festival of all things horror, sci-fi, fantasy, gothic, steampunk and more is sure to knock your socks off!

Where: Lido Cinemas, Hawthorn Melbourne VIC, 22nd November – 26th November.

What Does Beserk do to Sponsor Monster Fest?

Beserk are proud sponsors of this fun filled film festival! You can find special offers from Beserk throughout the festival, a little Beserk flair in all VIP packs and various competitions on our social media for Monster Fest. You could win a double pass to opening night so keep an eye out on our social media!   

In addition, Beserk are honoured to be a part of the prize pack for one lucky winner in the Monster Fest competition to run this month. You can win a $200 voucher from us as well as other awesome prizes, so head on over to the Monster Fest website and/or social media to see what that’s all about!

More Information

If you want to know more about Monster Fest and all their spectacular events (and competitions) you can read about them on their official website or find them on social media. Links below!

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Check out Monster Fest and let us know what you think of them in the comments below.
Have a great day and an awesome week, I’ll catch you later!

Kitty and the Beserk Team. Xx